HolonizeThePlanet - HoloProtocol

The HOLO: Protocol

Creating software is always a cart and horse scenario. We want to provide functionality in our program, but we need to wait for the operating system or hardware to support it. For Holonize we want users to select a 3D object from a web browser, and have the object automatically downloaded by Holonize and available for the user to place in their augmented world. Can we do that?

Once again, we performed the required research and came up with a couple of answers. It turns out that we can do this by creating a new web protocol. Web browsers understand a number of protocols i.e. HTTP:, FTP: MAILTO: so we are going to create a new protocol called: HOLO:

This protocol will consist of a URL with the following format:


So you could use –


The protocol will start an application to handle the resource it points to i.e. Holonize. When a holo: link is clicked on in a web browser, the browser will automatically handoff the URL to Holonize if it is installed.

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