HolonizeThePlanet - Business plan

The Business Plan

Every company needs a Business Plan. In the case of an IT company there are three things to consider – the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) and the Business Development Life Cycle (BDLC).

The SDLC is all about designing, implementing, and testing an idea. It is usually described as: Design, Build, Test, Deploy with numerous (sometimes infinite) iterations.

The PDLC is about Market Research, Prototyping, Marketing, Selling. The prototyping is technical. The rest relies on interaction with users and customers.

The BDLC involves creating and financing a business, developing products, gaining market share, and generating a client base that provides remuneration for the people who created it.

These simple concepts and ideas took almost a week of discussion, cursing, ranting, raving, shaking fists, pouting lips, crying… well, maybe not, but there were some wailing noises. Eventually the dust settled. We arrived at a consensus on what the Business Plan was. The SDLC, PDLC and BDLC were all going to revolve around the idea, application, and product referred to as the “Asset Manager”.

Flatventure will create a software application for HoloLens that will let users select 3D objects from an online gallery, download them, place them in 3D space, then make them move, rotate, resize, persist, and be shared with friends.

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