HolonizeThePlanet - TechEd


TechEd is finally coming to New Zealand. Having watched the live streaming of presentations online that discuss HoloLens we hoped to finally see one in action. HoloLens is the latest breakthrough technology… well, maybe not the latest, but it is breakthrough… well okay, it has been in development for the last 8 years so … we can at least say it is an emerging (to market) technology that we expect TechEd to promote loudly and endlessly.

Only … it didn’t.

We spent an hour scouring all the sessions that TechEd was covering. Obviously there were dozens of sessions about Windows 10, Office 360, Visual Studio, Windows Azure etc etc etc, but only 1, single, solitary session about HoloLens (well, 2 sessions, but the second session is simply a repeat of the first).

In New Zealand, TechEd is the most prestigious IT event of the year which almost all software developers look forward to. It reveals the latest breakthroughs in technology with speakers who are versed in products and processes and provide examples and samples showing how they are used and incorporated in real software.

So….rather than spend thousands of dollars on tickets without knowing if we were going to get to see or work with HoloLens, the decision was made to send one of us along to review the first HoloLens session. If the review was good then the rest of us would buy tickets to see the second HoloLens session.

The day came, the session was presented and it was a substantial letdown. HoloLens was a no-show. Yes, the presenters were there, and so were the slideshows and video. But HoloLens was not. No HoloLens, no 3D cameras, no real time display of augmented reality.

This was a major disappointment. On the bright side we did save thousands of dollars on tickets. We hope to see HoloLens at TechEd in the coming years.

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