HolonizeThePlanet - Lets get started

Let’s get started!

This week saw a lot of tasks started. A little bit of housekeeping, a touch of design, and a whole lot of prototyping.

As with any business venture a high degree of exposure is required to generate interest and promote the sharing of ideas and information. At the very least an online presence is required to prove that someone, somewhere is doing something. Toward this end, a suggestion was made to create a temporary website that says “We are here” and “This is what we are doing”. You’re reading it now!

We needed a shared document repository so we can work on projects at the same time. For documents and graphics, Office 365 works perfectly. It was easy to setup and great for sharing access. Call us old fashioned, but we’re using our own SVN server for source code. SVN was a simple application to install and it was easy to configure automated backups across the internet to multiple sites. This gave us direct control over the source code repository and provided the added security of being backed-up to multiple sites.

We wanted to investigate streaming video into unity. This was an idea to let multiple users see the same object. After lengthy investigation and analysis we decided this did not support the persistence or sharing concepts we wanted to provide. However the concept has been earmarked for another project.

The next item on the agenda was how to access and “place” 3D objects. Could Flatventure provide an online gallery of objects that non-technical users could browse, select and “place” in their real environment. We decided to investigate this and create a proof of concept to show this could be done.

We also decided to make universal position and object manipulation scripts in C#. If a user was able to download a 3D object from an online gallery and get Unity to display this object, they would also need to be able to position, rotate, and scale the object to suit their needs. This would be done with generic scripts that could be applied to any 3D object in Unity.

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