Horsing Around

Wow! So Armageddon came and went, and has now frankly become a bit of a blur. But what an experience it was! We scanned well over 100 people over the long weekend, and were really happy with the reception that the technology received – it was fantastic. The team at Holonize would like to extend a massive THANKS to everyone who came and saw us over the weekend – we really enjoyed seeing and talking to you all.

We have a large number of 3D Scans of people in costume, and we would love to start showcasing some of them. If you’d like your 3D Model or Scan to appear on our blog or on Social Media, just give us a yell at

Alternatively, if you would like a copy of your model on file, just give us a yell on the same email.

3DMe Sumo suit and Horse head of 3D Model - Holonize #HolonizeThePlanet

Here’s an example of one of our team, who came along with a Sumo suit costume, combined with a fabled horse head. An interesting combination, but the model turned out to be quite effective none the less!

Apologies if we haven’t had a chance to get back to all of you yet. We collected a large number of business cards for people over the long weekend – and we’ve been having a wee bit of a break before getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully you can forgive us! 🙂

And certainly not least! Check out the Holonize crew in the New Zealand Herald here – we’re pretty stoked with this. And good to see we’re not the only ones who think that this sort of technology is the way of the future 😀

Holonize gave away a phone over the weekend of Armageddon – check out the winning photo which was shared by a member of our Facebook community below


Thanks for following, and have a good one.


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