Holonize The Planet - a virtual world inside your world

Holonize the planet!

It’s time to order some business cards, letterheads, signage and such. With online services like VistaPrint this can be done in 10 minutes. It took us a week. We were still coming to terms with our company and the direction we wanted to head in.

Our company name is Flatventure Ltd. but the product we wanted to create was called …..? Actually, up until now we had been referring to it as the “Asset Manager”. It was time we gave our baby a real name. We wanted to reference holograms, exploration, and creation. A vehicle to take us to a new world. With inspiring music, we are pleased to announce our new product: Holonize

We were taken with the idea of “Holonizing the planet.” It also helped that www.holonize.com and www.holonise.com domain names were both available. So, the official name of our product has now become Holonize.

We want to use our business for a number of separate ventures involving HoloLens. The nature of the ventures may vary widely. To accommodate this Holonize and all other ventures will be marketed under their own trading names with Flatventure Ltd being the holding company.

Last minute business tasks:

  • Provide an email address for general enquiries – info@holonize.com in case you’re wondering.
  • Trademark “Holonize” with Madrid WIPO.

Well, the business requirements are all in place. Now is the time to create the “Functional Specification” for Holonize, i.e. a document that describes what Holonize will do, how it will look, what the user experience will be, a set of workflow diagrams, and mock-ups of the GUI.

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