HolonizeThePlanet - Cortana


HoloLens does not have mouse or keyboard input. In demonstrations users have started applications by looking at a menu and air tapping. This could grow cumbersome depending on how many applications you have installed.

Microsoft is pushing voice recognition for HoloLens. Does this mean it can listen to your speech and follow your instructions? Not exactly.

To test voice activation we started with Windows 10 Cortana before looking at Unity integration. Could we get Windows 10 to start Holonize? It seems like a simple task. We setup the environment and… we made a discovery.

Cortana doesn’t like Romanians! It didn’t matter how much our local Romanian Radu tried to sound American (and it WAS funny watching that) Cortana simply didn’t want anything to do with him. He tried HOLE-AND-I’s, HOLLAND-DYES, HOLE-EN-EYES… every failure making his voice sound more and more tense, frustrated, and Romanian.

When Radu stepped out, and with a single HOLLEN-EYES, we had Holonize up and running.

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