Countdown to Armageddon – Vol.2

Join us in the countdown to Armageddon! Nine days and counting!

The Holonize crew are gearing up for the event. Now it’s a matter of getting all the small things in order – Shirts (above), iPads, equipment calibration sorted, marketing collateral, last minute bug fixes, you name it. We’re currently giving it all she’s got Captain!

If you see any of our crew wearing a Holonize Shirt – get them to stop so you can view Augmented Reality holograms right off the back (pardon the pun).

There will be a LOT more information in the week leading up to Armageddon. What we do know is that we will be giving away some ticket the week of Armageddon ( check out our Facebook post here and like our page to go in the draw!), and we be setup at Booth 47 – so come check us out!

Hopefully you’ve downloaded our app and checked out the holograms in our library by now – as it will save you time over the weekend and there will be plenty to see. You can do this by downloading our app to your device, and then downloading a Launchpad from the website. Either print the Launchpad or open it on a tablet and point your phones camera at it with the Holonize App open. We have a few BIG surprises in store over the weekend, but all I can say if you’re already using the App is “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for…”


Holonize – Augmented Reality App, Booth 47, Armageddon Auckland

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