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Social media and Expo preparation

This week we welcomed Holonize to the dark depths of Social Media – scary stuff! Let us know what you think. Check us out, or give us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

As the Armageddon Auckland Expo gets closer, all that seems to be happening is our to-do list grows, and our time available shrinks. But that’s part of the joy of starting your own company really isn’t it?

Some of the things we’ve been up to this week include equipment tagged for Armageddon, finalising the animations, getting our content ready for sale and creating business cards and shirts. We’ve also been investigating new technology, and how we can speed up the 3DMe process. If you don’t know what 3DMe is – it’s our 3D modelling technology which we use to spit create a 3D Hologram of YOU, which we can then download to a LaunchPad for you to view yourself in Augmented Reality anywhere you like. The technology we’ve been looking into will also help us with working on automating the scanned model upload process, which will make things smoother over the weekend at Armageddon. Oh, and we’ve begun launching our Social Media channels. Give us a shout out! We will be giving away some really cool stuff in the coming weeks, so look out.

Pain is temporary, film is forever. That’s why we spent a bit longer than we would have liked in putting this animation together. We’re pretty happy with the end result though, and we hope you like it too!

Armageddon NZ Logo

And we’re back…!

After almost a one year hiatus (from the blog – it’s been a BUSY year development-wise), it’s time to let everyone know what we’ve been up to!

Holonize is proud to announce that we will be at the 2016 Auckland Armageddon Expo, at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds.

Watch our website or follow us on Social Media for more information, prize-giveaways, fun and more as we lead up to the big day in the next 5 weeks!



Auckland Armageddon Expo

Friday October 21st – Monday October 24th. Times vary each day.

Look out for our booth – we’ve spent the last few months putting it all together, as you can see below.