About us

For more information about Holonize, download our app and a Launchpad and check it out for yourself! Holonize is an Augmented Reality mobile app with an aim to create a persistent, enhanced reality that boldly lets you view what no-one has seen before. We want to create a world that begins to make Sci-Fi a reality. And we are really excited to share this Augmented Reality world with you.

We believe that AR now gives us the ability to visualise something that can’t possibly exist, in a place in which it can’t possibly be. With Holonize you can do exactly this, by placing holograms anywhere. They can be used for personal use, shared entertainment, business use, or public display. #HolonizeThePlanet

Transform your world with Holonize

Holonize lets you surround yourself with virtual applications to augment your reality. Holonize lets you place and leave objects for others to discover. Use the Holonize library of objects to populate your surroundings or create your own, and share the experience with your friends.

Create the world you want

Holonize is about allowing you to change your environment and customise the world around you. Fill your world with holograms – the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Holonize The Planet - a virtual world inside your world

Share your world

Leave messages for friends to find in an Augmented world, or create and collaborate with others using Holonize. Keep your ideas private, share them with your friends, or make them public for the world to see – it’s entirely up to you!

Holonize The Planet - a holographic object used for a Business Meeting

Socialize, work and play with Holonize

Work with holograms, play with virtual objects, and communicate in a new and exciting way. Your own virtual world is a blank canvas for you to improve on.

HolonizeThePlanet - Holographic Clock in a bedroom